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  • Martin Luther King Jr.: What made him respected by so many people?

    Martin Luther King Jr.: What made him respected by so many people?

    Martin Luther King Jr.: What made him respected by so many people?


    Southern Christian Leadership Conference

     King helped to create the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This gave him a national platform that would allow him to share his message of peaceful civil rights with the entire world. From encouraging Black Americans to vote to establishing citizenship schools, it was this platform that helped to spark real change in America.

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  • Life in HARMONY

    Life in HARMONY

    What have you decided to do that will make your life better than last year? How are you going to be better? Do you know what you are looking for to make life better or are you living your best life now? Live your life in HARMONY. I know you have it in you to be better to yourself this year!
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  • Embrace Your Roots with the New

    Embrace Your Roots with the New "Africa Within" Hoodie

    Africa Within is a hoodie that demonstrates the strength of the African continent and the strength of the women who share heritage with the continent. The unique African design made into a beautiful Afro is a testament to the natural hairstyle so many women wear today. African Within can be found it our Everything Black Collection or under Women's Sweatshirts. Get yours today at
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  • Halloween in the USA

    Halloween in the USA

    What are you afraid of? is a unique tote that asks a very real question for the times we are living. Positioned as a Halloween bag for carrying anything from candies to make-up, phones or toilet paper (yes, some people still toilet paper their neighbors trees) this bag is large and sturdy enough for all your necessities. Trick-or-treat anyone?
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  • Going Back to School…learn to be SAFE. Do not BE AFRAID

    Going Back to School…learn to be SAFE. Do not BE AFRAID

    Going back to school can be a challenging experience! Be yourself and be aware of your surroundings. School is meant to be a place to learn and be creative. You can do both. Enter this school year with happiness because you are among your friends and not stuck at home. We believe in you. May all our kids find safety within their schools, at home, and within themselves.

    Degree T Shirts

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  • Women's History

    Women's History

    One thing is certain: Women continue to move forward toward being acknowledged for our skills and intelligence. We are more than beauty...we are brave! 

    Our struggle continues but we are gaining much ground! Keep up the fight for equality! 

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  • .


    May the HUMAN race not falter and lower its standing but remain the dominant thinkers, builders and moral guardians of the Earth. We are in this life together like it or not.
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  • BLM


    If anything is to be made of the senseless killings from 2020, some thought has to be given as to why America is still fighting the same Civil War mentality over again by the people of this nation. Why?
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  • Thankful, Grateful, Beautiful

    Thankful, Grateful, Beautiful

    Thanksgiving is a state of mind. Celebrate it as a way of life and not just a day on the calendar. I Am Thankful, Grateful, Beautiful! So are you.
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    In uncertain times it is natural to fear the unknown. Do not allow fear to paralyze your life so that you give up! Uncertainty can produce creativity and a possible solution to the challenges so many are facing during at this time. Challenges often let us know just how strong we really are. Be Not Afraid as you deal with every circumstance that comes your way. Brighter days are coming so please hold onto whatever ray of hope that shines your way.
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