Women's History

Women's History

  It is almost the end of March and WOW! has this been quite a month! Celebrating Women's History Month has had its ups and downs but what did we expect? Oftentimes it seems we are fighting the same battles over and over again. One thing is certain: Women continue to move forward toward being acknowledged for our skills and intelligence. We are more than beauty...we are brave!

  The United States now has a female Vice President! We have finally made the list of nations whose top two heads of state are not always male. That progress is long overdue but we made it! This is worthy of celebration on several levels! Women continue to be the decision-makers for numerous corporations and our numbers multiply as we make our mark throughout this country and the rest of the world! What we think, what we know to be true matters! Our course, the greatest and hardest job is being a good mother. Thank you to all the good mothers who take this role seriously. Women should never have to apologize for raising a nation! Fortunately, many women can both work and rear children well.

  We have seen HATE rear its ugly head in the wake of Covid-19. Many of our sisters in the Asian-American community have been killed or attacked. We support all of our brothers and sisters who suffer cruelty simply because of their race or ethnicity. On the flip side of that coin is the continued sexual harassment and not-equal-to-a-man type of thinking that is still prevalent in the workplace. It is up to all of us to fight hate and/or discrimination wherever it is found. This out-of-touch-with-realty way of believing must be fought with all the strength we can muster!

  April 9th is Equal Pay Day! Women still continue to make less that a man for the same work! Can you believe this? While things are better, any notion that our work is less valuable is nonsense. We demand parity and will not stop fighting until we get it!

  Covid-19 is still with us and maybe for a long time. Please take care of yourself and those you love. Think about getting the vaccine but protect you and those around you by following the Covid-19 safety guidelines. Remember: Everyone does not survive Covid-19!

Our struggle continues but we are gaining much ground! Keep up the fight for equality! 

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