Martin Luther King Jr.: What made him respected by so many people?

Martin Luther King Jr.: What made him respected by so many people?


When it comes to civil rights, no modern figure is more recognizable than Martin Luther King, Jr. His non-violent efforts to achieve equal rights for Black Americans have helped millions of people, and in 1964 his efforts saw him receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.


While his now iconic “I Have A Dream” speech is recognized across the globe, just why do so many people respect the great man? We thought we would take a closer look at some of his biggest achievements:


Montgomery Bus Boycott

Triggered by the now infamous story of Rosa Parks, an initial one-day boycott of the Montgomery bus system proved so successful it was decided it would be extended indefinitely. This led to the establishment of the Montgomery Improve Association, which saw Martin Luther King, Jr. elected as president.


With his leadership, the MIA worked tirelessly to ensure equal rights, with the Supreme Court eventually declaring segregation on buses unconstitutional.


Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Two years later, King helped to create the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This gave him a national platform that would allow him to share his message of peaceful civil rights with the entire world. From encouraging Black Americans to vote to establishing citizenship schools, it was this platform that helped to spark real change in America.


March on Washington

In 1963, King and fellow civil rights leaders organized the then largest ever gathering in D.C. history. The march saw over 200,000 citizens come together to demand minimum wages for all workers and protest racial discrimination in employment and schools.


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