Embrace Your Roots with the New

Embrace Your Roots with the New "Africa Within" Hoodie


If you’re familiar with fashion, you know firsthand that it is hard to find a brand that prioritizes quality and also carries a strong message. The Africa Within hoodie was designed to complement Black and African people with a way to acknowledge the Motherland: to be proud of their roots.

The Africa Within hoodie is an embodiment of strong African pride! Along with the quality of good material and design, this hoodie passes a message of confidence and empowerment; Africa Within is more than just a hoodie, it’s a movement!

We have grown into a community that constantly supports one another! Every piece in our Everything Black Collection represents only one message: One Love and full-blown African American pride!

Here’s a little bit about the hoodie: This soft hoodie is perfect for chilly winter days and beautiful rainy days. Two fantastic colors: grey and white (grey pictured).

The pouch pocket has enough room for your hands to rest and the hoodie is there to cover you up when you need to go into ghost mode. This hoodie is an all-rounder! More than anything, quality is prioritized merging with a trendy design of the African continent and our beautiful black Afro hair!

The Africa Within hoodie will easily become your favorite after one wear! Buy it now at Degree T-shirts.

Be bold enough to embrace your African roots and show it off!

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