Hello everyone!

 It is good to be in the land of the living and communicating with you through our apparel and our blog! Much time has passed since Degree T Shirts has reached out and written a blog post. These are trying times for us all and businesses are not escaping the collapse since this pandemic has gripped the world and put it in a stranglehold. It is our desire to encourage all of our supporters, both new and old, to hang in there and BE NOT AFRAID!

 We are all struggling with something in our lives. If you are challenged by one issue or a multiple, please know that you are not alone. Peoples across the globe are dealing with circumstances beyond their control. Fear is torment so please strive to live your life strengthened in the belief that you will get through this horrendous time in human history. 

 The United States is about to choose which man will be our president. It is a time in which our fundamental beliefs as a nation will be held up for all the world to see. Amid the harshness of the pandemic, the unbelievable death toll, rising food prices, unemployment and a housing crises, Americans must be determined to stand and not be afraid to keep living. Hold tight and believe that a better day will coming. Once this dark cloud has passed overhead, the American people will see a brighter day if we do not give up. We must keep living and not be afraid when we look outside and see the ugly truths that have shaped our nation and the world since Covid-19 became a household name. 

 Fear will not get you anywhere. Believe in the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow. We all believe in something or someone to help in times of need. Now is that time. Be at peace and do what must be done in order for you and your family to live. These are trying times but Be Not Afraid!


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