Hello friends,

  We are still in what many consider Black History Month (its actually year long) and just ended Valentine's Day celebrating the ones we love and cherish. Now may we proceed with caring for those we do not know or who do not look like ourselves. Our world is full of people from various races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and tribes. Our differences are to be appreciated simply because life would be plain and stale if everybody looked and thought the exact same way day after day after day. It is our differences that make us unique as individuals.

  No matter what the rest of the year brings our way, may we remember that we all share and participate in the HUMAN race. This is not to be take lightly for it carries with it great responsibility. Being respectful and being concerned about persons not in your circle of friends and family goes a long way toward helping the HUMAN race remain strong. It is what set us apart from the animals. May the HUMAN race not falter and lower its standing but remain the dominant thinkers, builders and moral guardians of the Earth. We are in this life together like it or not.

  As 2021 continues, please reflect on how you can help to make the HUMAN race become better at treating its members with equality and justice for all. It really is up to you and me to win this particular race and win it BIG. We're all HUMAN!

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