Yes, February is the month given to acknowledge all benefits that Black Americans have provided toward the United States. If truth were told, the benefits are far too many to even try and list. Most notably, however, is the continued struggle for Black Americans to be seen and heard as an equal member of society. Last year was marked by protests upon protests because of killing upon killing of Black Americans. Many of the victims unarmed and slain by the police. If anything is to be made of the senseless killings from 2020, some thought as to given as to why America is still fighting the same Civil War mentality over again by the people of this nation. Why?

  Before any remembrance of all that Black Americans have done to enhance the United States for the better, no one must forget how Black Americans are still struggling to end  the racism that so easily strangles our country, still fighting for equal justice and civil rights under law and still making every attempt to use this nations' collective voice to make known that yesterday's ways of thinking about race are outdated and immoral. The United States of America must come to the realization and accept the fact "I AM A MAN"  is more than words displayed during a protest march. Black America...your life matters. May we all believe this to be true and make it so.


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