May 05, 2020 1 min read

We have all come to realize that NURSE'S DAY cannot be limited to just one day! These vital and essential persons are needed minute by minute, day-after-day. The pandemic that has come to destroy the world has made us realize that a nurse's role in our life or the life of someone we love and care about has proven invaluable. Did you think about a nurse before the pandemic? If not, we all must realize how much these fearless warriors are working to save our lives. Never before have we heard of so many medical issues pertaining to supplies (or the lack thereof) and our nurses having to continue working just to keep someone from dying while taking every precaution not to infect their own family and friends! On May 6 and every day after, if you have not shown your support to a nurse near you or given support to a hospital near you, take the time to let them know that we are all in this together and you have noticed their hard work and dedication! Degree T Shirts has an ample supply of various Nurses' t shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories just for this occasion. The nursing line of products  offer FREE shipping so don't miss out while they last! Give a shirt to a special nurse that you have come in contact with or just because you realize how much they are doing for all of us. This pandemic will eventually end an we have a world of nurses to thank for taking care of us during the process. Thank you Nurses!

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