November 06, 2019 1 min read

There is nothing more tragic for any country than having to witness an inquiry as to whether a leader (in this case a President) has done a deed so drastic that he or she can no longer serve the country. The US is dealing with such an issue now. Regardless of which side of the coin you fall, please make every attempt to learn what is fake news from that which is real. In a world where so many things are just a sham, it can become a bit overwhelming when faced with the multitude of issues that are happening within our own families, communities, and nation. Degree T Shirts has no idea which way the pendulum will swing regarding President Donald Trump and the impeachment inquiry. What is certain is that we all must make every effort to do our part in preserving what is best about the United States of America...united. It has been stated "a house divided against itself cannot stand." Where will the US end up when the history books are closed? Will we remain a leader of moral obligation, defender of equal rights and economic opportunity OR will we be known as a nation that did have good and honorable leaders but lost its way to moral corruption and greed? What do you think? Time will reveal all things so hang on. The ride is just beginning!

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