If not NOW then WHEN?

If not NOW then WHEN?

Hello everyone!

  The last 3 weeks have been an earth-moving, planet-shaking period of American history! Depending on age, millions are witnessing their first attention-grabbing racial movement in the last six years. Needless to say, the fight (yes, it is a fight) for equality is still taking place in the land of the FREE. These words sound utterly ridiculous in light of the tragic and senseless murders Black Americans have experienced within the last month, the last year, decades, and centuries. From the first Africans to land on these shores until the most recent Blacks to be killed at the hands of police, the struggle for basic human treatment still rages on.

  Degree T Shirts supports all who fight for justice and equality regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or handicap. It is our belief that all humans have equal rights under law. Make your voices heard not only in your protest but in your VOTE! Racism is alive and well within the United States. It is up to all of us to subdue this monster and bring it to heel! Let's make the United States of America a place where all men and women can have an encounter with the police without fear of death for simple, non-violent (alleged) crimes or misdemeanors. Police are here to protect and serve not kill and then lie to us.

  It is in the spirit of fairness and justice for all that we ask you, like us, to promote the VOTE this year! The presidency and all governmental/state agencies require your time and attention. Make your voice heard! We can vote any person out-of-office if their agenda is to put one person's rights ahead of another's. Racism has been with this country for far too long. Racism is equal to genocide. Let's stop the killing of Black People now! VOTE!


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